Logs and Moisture – What You Need To Know

Wood is one of the useful materials in building houses, buildings and any establishment you want to create. Before you can create materials out of it, you should be sure that everything is set and dry. Wood is sturdy when it becomes dry. They are very sensitive in moisture and humidity.

When logs are newly cut, it contains a large percentage of moisture. When it becomes dried, it shrinks and sometimes twists and could even change its shape dependent on the species and kind of wood it is. That is why wood undergone drying and checking for moisture before it will be useful. Kiln drying is usually the method used in drying wood. It is faster and monitored compared to air drying. The moisture will be monitored by a device so that the woodworker will determine the amount of moisture it has and if it is acceptable for its purpose. Since wood is very sensitive to moisture, the area where it be place should be verified for the amount of humidity surrounding and present in the air. Wood could have the possible of buckling, sunk, cracking and cupping. Thus would result to reinstalling wood structures.

Distortion could be the biggest problem when wood is already installed and nailed. It may cause difference in some of the measurement and dimensions where it will be placed at. It is dependent on the species of wood how much moisture it absorbs and the amount of overall shrinkage it may undergo. Teak and mahogany woods are the best woods that has low ratio to shrinkage and distortion. These are the best woods that would become a wood tiles and walling for homes. White pines and oak are those who has the higher tangential to shrinkage and distortion in shapes. Wood products who has the lower radial shrinkage ratio are more suitable and non reactive to moisture in the atmosphere.

Moisture meters are an instrument and useful tool used by woodworkers to evaluate their wood on how it reacts in the environment. In this way, they will become certain on the wood properties that it would not be able to distort, shrink and change it shapes due to its moisture content. It gives an appropriate reading that the woodworker needs to determine if the wood is dried and ready for its intended purpose. It will also help on project design planning since it can be able to read also the amount of humidity a place has. With this, you can plan what kind of wood you are going to install in a particular place and let us say that you want to use them as your wood tiles, you can be able to anticipate what kind of wood would best suit in your place with the amount of humidity in the surroundings.

Woodworkers could not give an exact measure of wood moisture through touching and looking at the wood. If you have a humid place to stay in, better you should have your wood materials be checked by the woodworkers.

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