Choosing the Right Hatch for Your Need

Roof hatches cover your roof openings and they can also give you access to the roof area by using a ship stair, interior ladder or even service stairs. The required method of egress will actually depend on the size and type of the structure. There are different kinds of hatches available at Roof hatches can be made to accommodate the requirements for access to any commercial building. When you select a roof hatch, you will also need to consider several factors. Read on to know what these factors are.

What is the purpose?

Is your roof hatch going to be used only for getting access to the roof area or will it also be used as an entry for equipment that is large? Determining the purpose of your hatch will also allow you to determine the size of the hatch that you will need. If your hatch will only be used to gain access to the roof area then you might require a small and single-cover model. But you should also determine why these personnel need to gain access to the roof top and how often they will use it. This can also make an impact on the size of the hatch. If you will be using the hatch for equipment entry then you might want to consider getting a model that is larger. These models can also be customized so that you will get the specific size that you need. Custom hardware might also be necessary depending on the application.

Facility type

The type of facility that the hatch will be installed on will also have an influence on the product election. There are environments that require hatches to be manufactured to meet the specific needs of such environments. For example, environments like banks and prisons require high security. They will need all openings to be protected from any unauthorized so roof hatches must also be manufactured to meet these requirements.

Product Cost

Hatches that are made of galvanized steel are usually specified because of its cost. Aluminum hatches are a little more expensive than the galvanized steel hatches. The most expensive one are those made of copper and stainless steel. Any hatches that will need to be made to meet size requirements that are unique will also be a little more expensive.

High-Quality Roof Hatch

Contractors like will need to consider the elements of general design to be able to choose a hatch that will also give a safe way to access the rooftop and provide services that are trouble-free for their customers. Some of these factors are energy efficiency, operation ease and weather-tightness.

Custom Orders

Do not worry if your hatch was to be custom-fabricated. Manufacturers are used to this so they can definitely customize your hatch without having to comprise its performance or features.

For you to be able to make the most of the hatch you will be getting, it is important to get the appropriate one for your building. So do not forget to consider factors like its purpose, facility type, location, aesthetics and cost during the selection process.

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